Creativity, Motherhood, Minimalism & Living Mindfully

Through the lens of a Multicultural Mama living with ADHD.

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I'm Denise (Dee for short) - a nature loving, doodler who enjoys all things crafty, a spot of DIY and a strong dark roast cuppa in the morning.

Here at ByDenise, I blog about the things that matter to me most: Motherhood & Family Life, Living Mindfully, Creativity, Illustration, Entrepreneurship, Technology & Practising Minimalism.

Here's the twist... I have adult ADHD. But I like to see it as a blessing rather than a curse, and feel it is my purpose to be as honest as I can with my struggles and victories in all these areas of life - in the hopes that I can help motivate, inspire and encourage those who face the same dificulties as myself. Join me on my journey through life!

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Have a question? Want to collaborate on a project? Have a cool idea for a blog post? Use the form below to drop me an email. Old-fashioned phone calls work too. 07711 979 315